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Nov 17, 2020
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Lisa waited patiently as I kept petting Prince and quietly talking to him, watching his pink penis getting ready for me. I was soon feeling pretty mellow from the whiskey. Lisa asked if I was ready. Even before I answered, she began unbuttoning my blouse. Being undressed by her was a wonderful blur of touching, kissing and nakedness. Prince got up when I lifted myself to let her slip a towel under me. He paced back a forth watching us. Lisa saw me watching him.

“It’s OK if you feel a little nervous. I was, the first time. Just trust us. You’re gonna love it. OK?”
I assured her, “Don’t worry. I’m fine. I’m ready for it.” adding, “I want it!”

“OK, then. Spread you legs and let him taste you.”

This was it! Prince came toward me and Lisa guided his head between my legs. The first lick was like nothing I ever felt before. But, he kept going, rocketing me into seventh heaven. The towel under my ass was soon soaked with his saliva and my juices. Lisa kept him at it until I had an wonderful orgasm. Then she gently pulled him away.

As I recovered, I watched her putting the socks on Prince’s paws. Prince, tail wagging, seemed to know what was coming. I surely did. Lisa folded the second towel and put it on the floor in front of the couch.

She kissed me on the lips, “C’mon. He’s ready for you.”

She didn’t have to tell me what to do. I got down on the floor, kneeling on the towel with my upper body angled down onto the low couch. I felt her fingers spread my labia and insert the tip of the enema-bottle. The cool lubricant filled me, then began to leak out.

As soon as she was done, she positioned Prince behind me, pulled up on his collar and said, “Mount.”

His front paws landed heavily on the couch on either side of me. He started air-humping trying to find my cunt. Lisa got hold of him and guided his cock into me. I felt Prince’s full weight on me as he grabbed my hips with his strong front legs and paws. This was not a lovers tender embrace. Prince was raping me, forcing me to submit. It was scary and exciting.

This was the first time I had ever been penetrated by the warm flesh of a real cock. I felt it stretching me with each thrust. He was humping again – fucking me and trying to get his knot inside me. Lisa held it so it couldn’t go in, but in a way that made him think that it had. Once he thought we were “tied”, his thrusting gradually stopped and he settled down, laying his big furry head on my shoulder. I lay there quietly, thinking we were done and enjoying the amazing feeling of his big doggy dick up inside me. It all happen so quick. My heart was pounding.

Lisa whispered, “Be patient. Wait for it.” she paused, “OK. He’s starting to come.”

Just then, I felt his feverish semen flowing into me. Lots of it. It felt hot, filling me until it was running down my legs. Lisa held him in me until he was done. Finally, she backed him away and withdrew his cock. Prince happily trotted over to his doggy-bed in the corner of the room and licked his cum-covered cock. I lay with my head on the couch, as his still-warm semen continued to run down the inside of my legs.

Lisa asked, “Well. Did you like it?”

“Good!” she said, “Tomorrow’s my turn.”
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Jul 25, 2010
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Welcome to the forum. I am also admin at glam0ur.net if you want more porn. :)