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Beautiful Latex and Rubber outfits combined with High Heels

May 5, 2014
Reaction score

lah 079 Young Goddess Kim - The Cruel Keyholder

00:24:19 | 1.8 GB | mp4 | | 3840x2160

The clip starts with a brief boot heel worship session. A reward for good behavior. I'm ordered to edge to your boots but not to dare cum. Sadistically you laugh at my frustration knowing I'm extremely horny denying orgasm for several weeks. You continue to torment me laughing as I literally need to ice myself down to get into my chastity cage again. You go out shopping leaving me to complete a long list of meticulous chores. When you return you ask me if I have anything to tell you. I say no. You angrily kick me in the balls rendering me helpless. You "medicate" me. I wake up to you repeatedly hitting me with your crop ordering me to wake up. I notice a different chastity cage and collar on my neck. They are controlled by your cell phone to tighten, loosen and shock when pressed. You tell me you've been secretly video taping me and have caught me on video finding the keys to chastity cage, unlocking myself and masturbating to climax then replacing everything and acting innocent for when you return home. You shock my cock and balls and squeeze my collar as you growl down at me telling me I am in serious trouble. You then inflict various sadistic torment. CBT. Nipple torment. Grinding your heel into me, face slapping cropping my body all over all while verbally degrading me by yelling, swearing, lecturing ... You have me suck on your black strap on as you whip me with your crop and verbally humiliate and degrade me. You have me lay on a table on my back facing you so I can see you next Legs spread wide You peg me. You twist pinch my nipples hard. You slap my face. You verbally degrade and torment me. I'm tremendously turned on leaking pre cum straining in my cage as you are relentless. Squeezing my balls with one hand as I groan you love it and tell me you didn't say I could leak pre cum. That do I think I can just leak whenever I feel like it without permission? You order me down off the table and to the floor on my knees. And clip me on a leash I will be punished severely for my misbehavior today. Crawl behind you to the dungeon to accept my fate. I stare at your stilettos drooling crawling behind you straining in my cage still leaking.
Custom Clip Feedback:
Wow! I Love it! You are incredible! I was completely captivated and mesmerized by You. So sexy, hot, sadistic, Amazing! And my God You are so beautiful it actually hurts! The wardrobe choice couldn’t have been better. You are stunning!

Latex, Boots, Leather, Verbal humiliation, Fetish clothes

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